When it comes to jobs there are always many, many questions. And I have heard most of them.

Hopefully I can answer some of yours below.

There are two sections; one for candidates and one for clients looking for candidates – please feel free to browse either, or even both.


FAQ for Candidates

My unique selling point is that I genuinely have your interest at heart!

I do not have to work to recruitment targets and force people to apply for positions they are not comfortable with.

I also pride myself on my attention to detail. There is more to a job than just a job description!

I specialise in Permanent Recruitment and Fixed Term Contracts only. This is my key focus and means I do not get distracted with ad hoc temporary vacancies.

This includes but is not restricted to any office vacancy or engineering roles.

In the first instance it’s best to send me an email with your CV to


Once received I will respond quickly, and we can arrange to have an informal and friendly chat.

I always offer advice to people in a friendly and supportive fashion even if I might not be able to help. I am always very honest and will do my best to point people in the right direction.

No, my services to help you find a job is free! Not everyone understands how a recruitment agency

works so I like to explain the recruitment process to people, so they know what to expect from me.

I do not make people feel uncomfortable if they feel a vacancy or job offer isn’t for them.

My Candidates are encouraged at the start of the process to be open and honest – if they are not

interested in a particular job role than that’s fine – whatever their personal reason may be.

If I then have a suitable vacancy for you, I will go into lots of detail about the job itself. This includes the nature of the business, the company culture/team fit and an outline of benefits or extra information that will help you decide if the job opportunity is something you are keen to peruse.

I pride myself on always telling people if their application has not been successful. Communication is key and I always keep people posted every step of the way.

FAQ for Clients

My unique selling point is that I do not force Candidates to apply for a job unless they are genuinely keen to do so.
My pet hate is sending CV’s for the sake of it – there is no need to do this in my opinion.

My key eye for detail and really getting to know both parties is what has made me successful over the twenty plus years I have been doing my job.

It’s all about the detail and the communication!

I am not restricted to any location and can help companies recruit for staff wherever they are based.

I am more than happy to travel and visit new clients as this forms a critical part of the recruitment process. It’s extremely important to have a good understanding of how a company operates and learn about their culture.

No – I only send out my invoice once a person has accepted a job and has started a role.

Yes, I have several options that can be off set against my standard Terms that cater towards smaller companies who don’t have a huge budget for recruitment.

I do not send out endless speculative CVs. Occasionally I might send a CV to a company where I truly believe there might be a potential match, but this is not done on a regular basis and is only where I genuinely feel there might be a need.

Absolutely not!

I do not spend my time making countless outbound calls to companies to see if they are recruiting – Thankfully I have a good reputation and people know where I am if they need me.

It’s obviously necessary to keep in contact with my clients but not excessively – thankfully I have a presence without becoming a nuisance to people!